Caring Hearts Card Drive


Hi Everyone! I have been so busy mass producing Christmas cards over the last few days for the Caring Hearts Card Drive. It was started by Vera Yates seven years ago in an effort to collect holiday cards and spread a little happiness to elderly people living in nursing homes. You can find more information from Vera HERE and from Jennifer McGuire HERE.

So far I have created 15 cards in three different designs. I plan to share each style separately over the next few days. I also plan to send cards I created last year, but didn’t send to friends and family. My goal is to send at least 30 cards.


I think this card is so cute! It was created using Reverse Confetti’s Merry and Bright stamp set. It’s simple, but oh so adorable. Who doesn’t smile when they see those big, bright, primary colored Christmas bulbs?

The MISTI helped make the stamping process of this card so quick and easy! The only problem I had was that my Ranger inks dried up a little and weren’t juicy enough for only a single stamp. I had to stamp the bulbs two or three times to get a (mostly) solid stamp. (Thank goodness the MISTI keeps everything aligned for multiple stampings!) I am frustrated because I love the primary colors, but the pads are only about six months old. Guess I need to buy some reinkers.

After stamping the bulbs and top stamp, I drew hooks and then the squiggly lines for cords. Finally I sprayed each card front with Shimmer Spritz for a soft, glittery glow. I don’t think you can see it in the pictures, but it is truly a lovely glow!


There you have the first set for the Caring Hearts Card Drive. What do you think? I can’t wait to hear from you and to see what you’re sending to0. Love and craftsy hugs!





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