Watercolor with Shimmer Sprays

Hi Everyone! It’s crazy busy here as usual! We’ve been visiting colleges with my son who’s a junior, and it’s a very exciting time for our family. However, there hasn’t been much time to craft lately. Thank you so much for sticking with me and sharing all of this craziness with me.

Today I’m sharing homework for Altenew Academy class, Creative Watercolor Media, taught by the amazing Jennifer Rzasa, Debby Hughes, and Laura Bassen. Honestly, I have been practicing my watercoloring  for many months now, and it doesn’t come easily for me! This card was inspired by Debby’s lesson in which she watercolored using shimmer sprays. Finally, I feel like I’ve made a little progress, and can share this example with you, and maybe a few tips I’ve learned.


Technique: Watercolor with Shimmer Sprays

I stamped and heat embossed the Hibiscus Bouquet flowers and leaves, and used Altenew Shimmer Sprays to watercolor them. I love the warm yellow and red pigments combined with the soft shimmer of the sprays. Can you see the shimmer and shine? I used blue shimmer spray to softly blend color over the Watercolor Stripes stencil for the background.


I am a beginner at watercoloring! There are so many wonderful artists out there, and I encourage you to find someone you admire from whom to learn. Here are some of the things I’ve figured out in this project.

Water is your friend … and enemy! Too much or too little doesn’t work! Practice, practice, practice to figure out what works for you.

My biggest mistake was a brush that was too wet. After dipping my brush in water, I learned to dab it on the palette a couple of times before moving the brush to paper.

Let the water move the color for you. That’s what gives watercolor painting its organic beauty through movement!

I didn’t do a great job on all of these flowers and leaves, but I love white space in watercolor. I think it adds interest to not completely fill the petals and leaves with color.

Good quality watercolor paper is a necessity! I used Arches Cold Pressed paper.



A paper towel! Watercolor can be forgiving. A paper towel removes mistakes, excess water, and even too much color. If I don’t like something, I find that I can just dab it away with a paper towel, and try it again!

I hope some of these tips help you or even push you to try watercoloring! Hopefully, I can keep practicing and improve. I can’t wait to see some of your art too! Love and artsy hugs!



4 thoughts on “Watercolor with Shimmer Sprays

  1. Beautiful card and a well-written post, Erin! I love your mix of watercolor and that touch of shimmer does make a difference! Thanks so much for entering your beautiful work in Altenew AECP assignment Gallery. Beautiful colors and design. Well done!


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