Faux No-Line Coloring

Hi Everyone, and welcome back for my second post today! This card completes all of the level II classes for Altenew Academy’s Educator Certification Program, and is homework for Polychomatic taught by one of my favorite instructors, Nina-Marie Trapani.


Technique: Use pastel artist markers with pale ink stamping for a faux no-line effect.

I was inspired by all of the pastel colors used in spring and summer weddings for this card, and found some beautiful images to guide my color selection on Pinterest. I chose blush, pale yellow, creams, and soft greens as my palette for this card, and paired them with the Garden Treasure stamps. (Click HERE for another Garden Treasure stamped card.) I stamped the floral outlines in Blush crisp ink so that it would fade into the marker coloring, and used Copic markers E00, E02, E50, E51, and E53 for the three larger flowers. I stamped the leaves and small flowers in Frayed Leaf crisp ink, and used Y000 with very light YG and G markers for the background greenery. (Sorry! I forgot to note the colors here!)



Use very light flicking motions with your markers to color. I am not an expert Copic artist, so you need to find the style that works for you. However, I first put the lightest color, then work backward from the darkest color. Finally, I blend with the lightest color last, and add back in darker shadows as needed. Does that make sense?

Use very good coloring cardstock with artist markers. I use X-Press It cardstock.

Place a piece of copy paper under your cardstock to absorb any bleed through.

Create an Inspirational Images board on Pinterest for reference on projects.

I don’t want to give any of Nina’s tips away! If you are interested in her tips, I would recommend checking out her blog or taking this class.

My sister, Melissa, is an amazing Copic artist and card-maker! Check out her tutorials and blog, MelissaMade2.blogspot.com



You don’t have to worry about a “Copic-friendly” ink for this, as you want the stamp to blend into the coloring for the faux no-line effect!

So, what do you think? I have to say that I love the softness and feminine look of this card. I think it’s perfect for a wedding shower! What do you think? Thanks for stopping by a second time today! Love and artsy hugs!


2 thoughts on “Faux No-Line Coloring

  1. Your no-line coloring is superb! Love the soft colors and subtle textures!! I am so glad that you enter your beautiful work in Altenew AECP assignment Gallery. Awesome details and design! Super work!


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