Alcohol Ink Background With Lavinia Stamps

Hi Everyone! I hope you are having a great weekend! Were you able to join us Thursday evening at 7 Kids Customers Create Facebook page for a fun evening of alcohol inks and Lavinia stamps? I created this whimsical card, and below you can find the short and sweet edited version of this demo.

Please note: If you would like to view the original Live FB video with all of my tips, tricks, and techniques, please watch it HERE (on my FB page).

I created this background while practicing. I adore the colors, flow, and interest created in this. One of my favorites so far!


  • Repeat after me: White space is pretty! It gives the ink space to flow and softens the bold alcohol ink colors. White space creates balance with the ink.
  • Cut 5×7″ YUPO in half and practice on small sheets.
  • If you don’t like the outcome, use a rag soaked with alcohol and wipe the entire piece clean. It might stain, but it’s just practice!
  • One drop of ink at a time! Build layers.
  • Patience, patience, patience! Practice, practice, practice.
Alcohol Ink Sebastian3
I added Crystal Stickles to Sebastian for extra sparkles. Isn’t the detail in that stamp amazing?

I learned so much from The Art of Alcohol Ink, an online class taught by Noelle Mena on Jeanne Oliver‘s on-line shop. Finally, someone helped unlock all of the secrets in creating the gorgeous, ethereal alcohol ink art I admire on social media! I cannot recommend Noelle’s class enough. (You can find details HERE if you would like more information.)

Alcohol Ink Sebastian4
I purposefully stamped the sentiment at the top of the water so that it would blend with the ethereal background.

I used Ranger/Tim Holtz alcohol inks in Stream, Bottle, and Turquoise combined with blending solution, 91 percent isopropyl alcohol, and an airbrush with compressor ($89 at Harbor Freight) on YUPO paper to create the background.

Alcohol Ink Sebastian5
To finish the card, I added sequins from Little Things From Lucy’s Closet.

What do you think? Have you worked with alcohol inks in your artwork yet? I love, love, love the process and the final results! Love and artsy hugs!


7 Kids Crafts Supplies:

Alcohol Ink

Lavinia Stamps

Tim Holtz YUPO 


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