Ethereal Glow

Hi Everyone! Welcome back! Today I’m sharing a card I created for Altenew Academy class, For the Guys, with Jennifer Rzasa, and I have to say that I am in love with the soft glow I achieved in this card. I used Altenew stamp set To the Moon . I’m also giving this to my husband for our anniversary on New Year’s Eve. I love him to the moon…and back, and I’m glad to have a special card to share with him!


Technique: Cut a mask for the moon, and blend ink outward around the moon. Begin with a light, bright blue, such as Ocean Waves. Add darker colors as you move away from the moon.

Practice, practice, practice! This is the first panel I created, but I ended up with three samples. I rarely use my first attempt.

Tip: Be patient with your ink layering. Keep working it layer after layer! If it begins to look dull, add more of the brighter colors again.


Tip 2: Begin with a dark blue, such as Desert Night, at the outer edges first, and then layer Jet black over it. This will give your card color greater depth and interest.

Tip 3: Drip water over the panel with your fingertips. Wait a few seconds, and then dab off the excess with a paper towel. It will lift some of the ink, creating water spots, and give your card depth and movement.


Tip 4: Keep the moon mask in place, and use white paint to ‘splatter’ stars. Dry with heat gun. Next, unscrew the nozzle of sea glass metallic shimmer ink spray and splatter for a metallic star effect. Dry with heat gun again. Finally, replace the nozzle on the shimmer ink, and spray a fine mist over the entire card.


Trick: White pigment ink! Use this as the base color of moon. Because the pigment ink stays wet, it softens the subsequent gray ink layers.

*Be sure to dry the moon stamping before moving on to the next step!


Are you ready for the big trick? Use a blending tool or sponge with the white pigment ink to softly blend over the moon and outward in a circle over the light blue color. This gives the moon an ethereal glow. Seriously, your card looks like it’s glowing! (Disclaimer – I think I learned this trick from someone else a couple of years ago. Jennifer McGuire maybe?)

Click HERE for another card I created previously with a galaxy background.


What do you think? Have you created a galaxy or celestial card? Please share any other good tips or tricks you may have. Love and artsy hugs!



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